Welcome tomorrow with Windows Server 2025

Microsoft Windows Server 2025 prepares you for tomorrow while delivering the security, performance, and flexibility you need today. Be more productive with easier networking, faster storage, and hybrid cloud capabilities that adapt to your needs. Get ahead of what’s next with forward-looking security, and AI-ready compute.


  • Hybrid: Adapt quickly across hybrid, cloud and edge. Easier to connect to Azure Arc to bridge on-premises and cloud-based servers. Deliver Azure capabilities to your on-premises servers.
  • Security: Hardware and software-level security to deter cyberattacks; next-generation Active Directory that improves security and scalability. Enable a tailored security baseline and  configure drift protection from the start.
  • Modern, future-ready platform: Windows Server 2025 is now easier to upgrade and scale, with better-than-ever app compatibility. Windows Server 2025 desktop brings consistent client and server UI experience, plus conveniences like WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Performance: Faster and easier networking and storage; live hotpatching for reduced downtime; GPU partitioning for inferencing at the edge. Improvements in flash-based storage make Windows Server an even better platform for SQL Server.