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Course 1 The Best Google Tools for Business

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No Previous Experience Is Required of You, Profit

From My 16+ Years Of Internet Marketing Experience

My name is Paul Counts, and I have been earning money online since 2000 at the age of 15 years old! I am bringing to the table 16 years of Internet marketing experience to the table!

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to create high quality, in demand Internet marketing related products to sell because I have done that for you! I have created info products for best selling authors, professional athletes, and numerous globally recognized speakers and business experts.

This Internet business allowed me to have the time freedom and lifestyle to live where my family and I choose to live and allows for my wife to pursue her dreams of acting. In fact due to her pursuing acting we even had the time and money to help produce a SAG feature film called “Unbelievers”.

Information Products Have Been Key To My Success…

I love this business, and I want to see you succeed in it too! Information products have been huge for my success. They positioned me as an expert early on, and helped me to build up my email list of buyers. My product can give you that opportunity too!

You just have to decide if you want to add this new high quality training course created entirely by me to your arsenal!

Creating Info Products Does Not Have To
Be A Daunting Task Anymore…

Trying to sell a unique, in demand Internet marketing product isn’t nearly as easy as us fellow Internet marketing experts make it seem, is it?

Stress has gotten the best of you. You have:

• stared blankly for hours at your keyboard trying to create your product.
• invested in various “how-to” courses.
• struggled to even make your initial product outline.

… and they all left you with frustrating results.

But There is Good News!

I know exactly how you’re feeling.

These days, I’ve managed to achieve quite a bit of success… I’m able to have a large library of info products that I don’t have to create, I can also sell a ready made product and keep 100% of the profits, and I’m very lucky in that I can quickly put products online for sale.

But I’ll be honest…

Things Definitely Didn’t Start Out This Way…

Before I ever achieved even a tiny taste of success, there were a lot of roadblocks. So many times I was ready to throw in the towel.

When I first started out, I didn’t know how to make my first info product, I couldn’t bring myself to just getting it created, and I was afraid I would not create a product that was good enough to sell. None of it worked out for me and I just ended up ready to quit, thinking I would never be able to sell a unique, in demand Internet marketing product.

Of course, you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

• You’ve stared blankly for hours at your keyboard trying to create your product which just resulted in wasted time as you constantly end up at square one.

• You’ve invested in various “how-to” courses which led to additional costs with little or no financial return.

• You’ve struggled to even make your outline which just ended up in you moving on from creating info products, and potentially leaving life changing income.

Just Before I Was Ready to Give Up, Something Happened That Changed Everything.

You can only run into so many walls before you get so frustrated that the only option left seems to be quitting.

As soon as I discovered this, everything instantly got easier.

With this amount of success, I knew I couldn’t keep it on lockdown.

Since then, I’ve run into multiple others who encountered the same, never-ending battle I went through. And it seemed pretty unfair to keep it to myself… especially since it’s been such a huge stepping stone in my success.

So I’d like to let you in on the “secret.”

If the marketing experts use this to grow their businesses why shouldn’t you?

Introducing Your Next Info Product:
“G-Hacks” – 34 Google Hacks To Boost Your Bottom Line

Uncover The Google Hacks Revealed
Inside This Unique Video Course

The Powerful Google Tools Top Online Marketers & Small Businesses Are Using To Create More Profits

Sometimes we forget that Google is more than just a search engine or an email provider. They have a large variety of tools that many of us didn’t even know existed! You can leverage these tools for more profits, more traffic, more exposure, and more productivity!

The purpose of this 50 video course is to reveal to you 34 different Google hacks you can implement in your business to boost your profits to new heights! Get the unfair advantage on your competition!


1) Google Suggest Feature

Allows you to find buyer keyword phrases so you can easily cast your net out there further and reel in new customers hand over fist!

2) Google Keyword Planner

Discover some tips and tricks for using the most popular keyword research tool on the market!

3) Google All In Title Search

Learn how to use this search parameter to help you identify low hanging fruit that your competition is missing!

4) Google Site Search

Allows you to easily see how much of your content is being seen by the search engines so you can maximize your reach!

5) Google Alerts

Uncover breaking news in your niche market so you can be first to post on social media and get buzz going!

6) Google Trends

Go after the hot topics people want to know about! This is the ultimate niche and keyword discovery tool!

7) Google Related Search

Use this search parameter to uncover similar sites. Perfect for uncovering new marketing opportunities you may have missed!

8) Google Backlink Check

See what websites are linking to you, and discover what websites are linking to your competitor’s websites!

9) Google Definitions

Quickly and easily find spellings and word definitions with this simple search parameter! Take your writing to the next level!

10) Google Timer

Turn your browser into a timer! Discover how to use this tool to boost your productivity!

11) Google Calendar

Discover a powerful way to use Google calendar to help make sure every day is a profitable one for you!

12) Google Adsense

Learn some quick tips to leveraging Google Adsense for higher profits!

13) Google Drive

Uncover how the pros use Google Drive to keep their business data safe and secure!

14) Google Adwords

Generate quick and targeted traffic with one of the leaders in paid advertising!

15) Google Photos

Wait until you see some of the cool things you can do with this not so talked about, but powerful tool from Google!

16) Gmail

Gmail is extremely powerful when used correctly! Learn how to get the most out of your Gmail account, and simplify your business communications into one location.

17) Google Hangouts

Use this one Hangouts strategy that almost forces you to be successful! You will love this tip!

18) Google Toolbar

Use this awesome tool for more than just searching! It is loaded with marketing methods!

19) Google Keep

This is another rarely used Google tool, but you will learn how you can use this great tool for notes to keep you organized and on task!

20) Google Docs

Learn how to use it so you can effectively collaborate on you all your business projects!

21) Google Sheets

Stay organized, and use this powerful program to power your launches, affiliate campaigns, or paid traffic campaigns!

22) Google Slides

Easily make sales videos, landing page videos, create an info product, and more all from this powerful tool!

23) Google ?????

I am not going to reveal the name of this hidden Google tool publicly, but it does some stuff with surveys, and more so you can keep growing your business!

24) Google ?????

Get yourself a business line to help with customer communications, or for other business purposes!

25) Google ?????

This secret Google tool allows you to reach millions with your books and content! Publishing is so easy with this!

26) Google ?????

When I found out this hidden marketing tool inside of Google my mouth dropped open!

27) Google ?????

This Google tool will give you free marketing for your business!

28) Google Webmaster Tools

Uncover some amazing research info about your website, that will help your business grow!

29) Google Analytics

Follow along to make sure you are getting the most insight you can from this powerful resource!

30) Google ?????

I can’t reveal the name of this tool publicly because I only want to reserve it for myself and paying customers like yourself!

31) Google Passwords

Never lose a password again, and the best part is it works across all devices. So it enables you to work remotely on a mobile device and still run the business!

32) Google Chrome

I will reveal some new tools and apps available for Google Chrome to boost your productivity!

33) Google Shopping

If you sell anything that can be shipped you need to use this to generate more sales to your offer!

34-36) Google ????? (suprise)

Allows you to find grants for running paid ads! This is a first I have heard of this!

Here’s How “G-Hacks” With  Will Benefit You:

      • A ready to go in demand info product that you can sell immediately: This is good for you because it will eliminate the time and frustration of creating a high quality information product yourself.
      • Training on using 34 Google software and tools: This is important because you will learn ways you can leverage Google’s technology to increase your profits, productivity, and leads.
      • Training on using hidden Google tools: This is big because it will help you use under the radar marketing methods that few other online business owners even know exists.
      • Everything you need to start publishing with Google: This a good thing because you can now have your books and PDFs distributed by Google which can bring your massive exposure.
      • 50 easy to follow 1 to 5 minute tutorial videos: This is great because you’ll be able to quickly watch the training, and implement what you just learned in your business!


 3 hour video course: The Top 25 Traffic Methodes

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